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"Auto Repair är en rolig app som kan underhålla en längre period eftersom det finns så mycket att upptäcka och utforska. Den innehåller spännande små överraskningar som gör att man vill fortsätta och prova att göra uppgifterna på andra sätt. För min bilintresserade 4-åring blev appen snabbt en ny favorit. Flera andra barn i redaktionen har också testat och uppskattar appen mycket."

Pappasappar - Auto Repair

"This is a fast, fun, irreverent app with some hidden surprises that encourage frequent visits; in other words, you'll get a lot of mileage out of this well designed app." Children's Technology Review

Children's Technology Review

"If you want your child to eventually learn music and want their first impressions to be fun and whimsical, PianoBall will be a great tool for you. My kids love it, and I venture to say yours will as well."

"PianoBall will turn your iDevice into a colorful piano for your little ones."

"The app Piano Ball is a great way to begin to bring colors and sounds into your babies’ and toddlers’ lives, especially since they can make their own music with just a simple swipe or tap of their little hand."

"PianoBall is the kind of app I like to get for Leo, since he loves almost nothing better than musical free play with structural underpinnings, yet with a novel interface. Which is what PianoBall is all about!"

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