Feel like a Car Mechanic.

See what is broken in the engine, bolt up and pump up the wheel, patch up the pipe in the chassis, change the broken glass, find the way to the ice-cream shop and much more. Fix all the 21 faults in the 4 cars.


Fix it!

Fix all the 21 faults in the 4 cars

Play and find the 21st fault!

Out of the box thinking, Creativity and Fun

Many tasks can be done in several ways

Many of the tasks allow for experimenting and seeing "what happens if…"
A hole can’t be fixed with the cork, you can’t put coins instead of batteries in the remote control, what will happen if you try to wipe the windscreen with ice cream or a banana?...

Closer to real life
The big pump works differently from the small one, the propeller has different inertia form the whirligig, if you fit in a rainbow windscreen it will be there in all parts of the game, etc.

Some tasks contain elements that are funny or instructive
Muuu effect in the button game, car music in the path finding game, sounds on touching hot objects

Let the children discover all this themselves



- Change the brake

- Bolt up the wheel

- Scrub the rust away and change the bulbs

- Design your own exhaust system

- Weld up the holes

- see what is underneath…
  (what the chassis looks like)


- Change the engine oil

- Repair the timing belt

- Insert the pistons

- Fix the radiator

- Fix punctured pipes


- Repair the remote control

- Pump up the wheel

- Fix the crashed hood

- Clean the windscreen

- Fasten the license plate

- Change the broken windscreen


- Find the way to your favorite place

- Push all the buttons and see the current flow

- Learn about digits and place them on the display

- Clean up the car, see who is going to help you

- Fix the radio and help the notes to play out
  (let’s disco... )

Final Award

- Take the car to the garage.

- Collect stars and change the color
  of the lift.

Discover the terrific sound

The result will be even better on the earphones.

• Kids-friendly, simple interface

• No in app-purchases

• No hi-scores, free play (non competitive play)

• Different difficulty levels

• Creativity, Out-of-the-box thinking

Piano Ball

PianoBall - Fun With Learning

Play with the rainbow! - Explore the world of sounds

Play with the rainbow!

Amazingly colorful musical instrument for children that teaches through play. The Original 5baam application allows children to explore the world of sounds, melodies and colors while developing creative, cognitive and motor faculties of your child.


PianoBall is an instrument created for several age groups


  • Shake your device and see the amazing shower of stars; learn the instruments names
  • Try out the baby keyboard - exploration is made easy by big buttons
  • Develop motor skills and stimulate curiosity by turning on the drums


  • Enable and disable the toddler mode on the Melody Ball; play the tunes with the magical stars
  • Test the Rainbow Ball and see how colorful your keyboard can be (the effect can be frozen)
  • Experiment with various instruments sounds, learn to identify them through the use of the Instrument Ball

Preschool children

  • Play the tunes by following the magical stars
  • Explore the Color Ball and paint the keyboard with your favorite color; learn the color names
  • Try playing your own tunes

Teach your child - music and colors are waiting for you

  • Teach your kid to identify sounds and names of instruments: xylophone, piano, drum set, saxophone
  • Teach your kid to play children's songs
  • Teach your kid to identify colors

Meet the four magical balls!

Tune Ball
Tune Ball
- Become a virtuoso and play with no mistakes (toddler mode)
- Learn ten tunes by following the magical stars
Color Ball
Color Ball - Paint your keyboard with your favorite color and learn color names
Rainbow Ball
Rainbow Ball - Have fun exploring colors of rainbow
Instrument Ball
Instrument Ball - Play a tune experimenting with instruments: Xylophone, Piano, Drum Set, Saxophone
Discover the magical shower of stars!

Tunes to Play and Learn

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • London Bridge
  • Wlazł kotek na płotek
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Ode to Joy
  • Row, Row, Row your Boat
  • Jingle Bells
  • Alabama
  • Amazing Grace
  • For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

The PianoBall interface is designed to facilitate play for children of any age

  • No written text - all the children's controls are intuitive encouraging curiosity and creativity through experimenting
  • Invisible parental control allows for blocking ball functions without disabling the display. (double tap on the ball)

Sounds are available in English, Polish, Swedish, German, French, Dutch, Italian.